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12 March 2019Joshua Reynolds - The Creation of Celebrity
09 April 2019"Historic Gardens of the Italian Lakes."
14 May 2019Who Done It? Alfred Hitchcock the Master of Suspense

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Joshua Reynolds - The Creation of Celebrity Sarah Stopford Tuesday 12 March 2019


During his lifetime Joshua Reynolds was amongst the most celebrated artists in Western Europe. He was a brilliant portraitist, impressario, a skilled networker and a master of spin. Through his paintings, his friendships and the manipulation of the media, Reynolds was - as this lecture will reveal - a driving force in the creation of the cult of celebrity which is so familiar to us today. 


Sarah Stopford is a guide and lecturer at Tate Modern. She studied Art History as part of her first degree at Harvard. After a further degree in English at Cambridge and a career as a teacher of English Literature in both the United States and England, she has returned to the world of Art History where her special interests are in British and post 1900 art, as well as the connections between literature and the visual arts.