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08 October 2019Picasso and His Muses - "L'Amour Fou
12 November 2019"The Art of Partying"
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14 January 2020Richlieu - The Cardinal and His City
11 February 2020"James Gillray - A Caterpillar on the Green Leaf of Reputation"
10 March 2020"The Silk Road"
14 April 2020The Role of the Arts in Crime, Prison and Re-offending
12 May 2020"British Landscape Views In India"

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Picasso and His Muses - "L'Amour Fou Jacqueline Cockburn Tuesday 08 October 2019


As the most influential artist of the 20th Century, Pablo Picasso was as charasmatic as he was talented. The extraordinary energy to which he devoted to his work was matched only by the energy with which he pursued women. In 1927 Picasso met a beautiful blonde, Marie- Therese Walter on a Parisian street. Aged 17 she became the love of his life and his ideal muse and model for his Surrealist period in which he explored extreme physical and psychological states, often by rendering the human figure with imaginary and distorted forms.


Dr jacqueline Cockburn is a linguist and art historian with first degrees in French and Spanish and Art History, an MA in Applied Linguistics and a doctorate in Art History and Spanish. She is managing director of an art tour group and currently publishing a book called "A Taste for Art".