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10 March 2020"The Silk Road"
14 April 2020The Role of the Arts in Crime, Prison and Re-offending
12 May 2020"British Landscape Views In India"

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"The Silk Road" Dr. Susan Whitfield Tuesday 10 March 2020


The Silk Roads continue to capture the imagination and in 2014 a section of the land route was designated a World heritage Site. Yet there was no single "Silk Road". Instead a complex network of trade routes spanned Afro- Eurasia,s mountains, plains, deserts and seas. From silk to spices, religion to dance, traffic in goods and ideas were all crucial to the development of civilisations through cultual interactions and economic activity.


Susan is a writer, scholar, lecturer and traveller of the "Silk Roads". She spent 25 years curating the collections of manuscripts from Dunhuang and other silk road sites now held at the British Library. She also helped found and then develop the International Dunhuang Project, now a thriving international collaboration working on the art and artifacts of the Eastern Silk Road. Her latest book "Silk, Slaves and Stupas; Material Culture of the Silk Road was published in March 2018. Susan has also currated several major exhibitions and organised field trips to archaeological sites in the Taklamkan desert.