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14 April 2020The Role of the Arts in Crime, Prison and Re-offending
12 May 2020"British Landscape Views In India"

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The Role of the Arts in Crime, Prison and Re-offending Angela Findlay Tuesday 14 April 2020


Based on her own experiences as an artist engaging with the prison system, the lecture will take you on a visual journey into a world that most people never get to experience first hand. In this world of bars and locked doors you meet characters whose stories are both shocking and moving and gain a sense of how colour and paint can impact on such an environment. The tales are by no means sentimental but infused with questions, insights and shocking statistics. After 20 years of working closely with offenders and the prison system Angela explains some of the issues behind the problems of crime and re-offending and looks at how the arts can best help enthuse people to want change.


Angela has been giving talks and presentations on art in prison for 15 years to a wide variety of audiences. Illustrated with vibrant photographs taken while running art projects in England and Germany and supported by current debates and statistics, she offers a very personal set of insights into the prison environment. She now specialises in talks to schools but also lectures in a wide variety of forums aimed at provoking ethical /philosophical debate.